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  • Items should be fun to encounter. 
  • Write like you are telling your best friend something  wonderful that you just learned.
  • Have a heartbeat. We understand that artists get depressed -- but why load that on the reader? They have their own problems.
  • Items about grieving will be cast into the fire. We don't care
    what trouble you've seen .. or been. 
  • We are not interested in your wonderful mind. We are interested in almost everything else.
  • Don't be the hero of your own story. Or the victim. 
  • We like news, things that you yourself saw, things that actually exist. Be a reporter of something outside yourself.
  • An inner child is a terrible thing to waste.

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Acceptance comes quickly; rejections,
because they are painful to us, may not come at all.
After two weeks, be discouraged. Be assured that there
other cool things to be doing in this often beautiful world.

Lief 3 - Summer 2013



Now that I've perused every page of LIEF 2, I wish I'd done something, anything to help out sooner.
I really like everything with grandparents and/or grandchildren in.
I'm a fan of everything Sean Poole has lavished on me the past year.
I'd love to sneak up and grab Jeanne Lutz from behind some time.
I'd love a slice of Bundt cake. Finley's movies make me feel stoned.
I love feeling stoned.
I hope LIEF and the Familographer have each other's love children.
I most profoundly hope everyone in my lief, and in theirs, has a fantastic new year.
I REALLY love the sound of that thumb harp the way it works with the poems of Roy McBride, who I love, and the way Mike Hazard treats his story.
The art, the photos, the spirit...I love LIEF.

Click on the duckie.


Summer 2013

Mike Finley
Danny Klecko
Dara Syrkin, QA

November 2102 LIEF

November 2102 LIEF

Summer 2102 LIEF