Mary and Paul Finley with daughter Kathleen, 1945  

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A Kick in the Head

Paul Gruchow: Memory of a Life Foretold
More Worthington, Minnesota: The Alien Corn
My Ministry
The Offset Revolution
The Orchard
Manson & Me
A Kick to the Head: Meningioma Journal
They Say That Garrison Keillor
A Rose in December: A Bullying Story
Boa Constrictor in the Underwear Drawer
The Skin Over a Young Girl's Wrist: James Wright

I'm Not a Brewster, I'm a Son of a Sea-Cook!
My Sister Kathy
Rolling on the River
An Amazing Cow
Strange Fruit in the Apple Tree
It'll Never Happen Again: Tim Hardin
The House on Vendome Place
The Place on Westmoreland Street
When We Were Beautiful, Part 1
When We Were Beautiful, Part 2
The Blue Bicycle
B'wana Mike on Safari Island
My Conversation with Officer Bennett
Couvade and The Cloud of Unknowing
Death, Hell & Santa Claus
My Stepdad Dick Konik
About a Dope
Father Days
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